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Frank Edward gave his mum his CLS and Range Rover to his manager

Frank Edward on his instagram account two days ago share about his plans to give his parents his two cars (A Range Rover Sport and Mercedes CLS) for this Yuletide season, while teaching his fans about the blessing of showing love to their parents. Read bellow.

Chai 😌 I will miss these two guyz , over to mama & papa this Christmas , make I collect more blessings 😁😇🙏🏼. Show your parents love this season ♥️♥️♥️♥️ at least do what you can… Their blessing is a big deal. #Smile


Say hello to my number 1 staff when I had no studio !! When I could only feed myself!! He needed nothing from me infact up till today I force him to get paid that’s mr EZZY T !!! GOD BLESS YOUR GENERATION!!!


Frank Edward gave this Range Rover to his manager

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