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Naijaforbz News – Kogi Central Celebrates Governorship Election Victory


YahaYa Bello pulled out heavy crowd in okene

Not quit long after INEC announces Yahaya Bello ( APC ) candidate as the winner of the Kogi just concluded elections.


Ebira People Celebrating Yahaya Bello

Okene under jubilation as heavy convoys visits the Ohinoyi palace, The Ado Of Ebira Land.


Kogi Central celebrates Yahaya Bello

The crowd started the parrade all the way from the house of the Governor elect.


Crowd at the Ohinoyi Palace in Okene

Everyone is happy for this joyful day is what Ebira has long Waited for.

Kogi central celebrating victory

This turn up is massive and its a sign of unity.

Crowd at the Governorship election victory celebration going on at the Ohinoyi Palace

One again congratulation to the people of Kogi Central.


When last did the people of Ebira Opete come together this much, I think its only when late Senator A. T Ahmed was alive, this gathering did not just bring the people together its also a reminder of the Ebira past heroes achievement.


Yahaya Bello of APC, Kogi State Governor elect.


Yahaya Bello at the Ohinoyi palace

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