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Naijaforbz News- Is President Buhari on holiday?

Since after swearing into office as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.


President Buhari and former president of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

From Germany to South Africa, the USA, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Benin, Ghana, again South Africa, India, Iran, Malta and France. Is Buhari trying to be recognized as the most travelling president in the history? It is becoming clear why he has forgotten his promise to sell the aircraft used by his predecessor. All along, during the campaign process Buhari has been itemizing the countries to visit after assuming the office of the president. Thanks God his dream has come true!

Now Buhari seems to be on the retirement holiday having achieved his long-sought goal of becoming a civilian president. He needs to snap pictures with the world leaders for his family library. He has even stopped the weekly FEC meetings to have more time for travelling. Contracts will henceforth be awarded in Buhari’s bedroom; one needn’t ask where has gone the promised transparency.

President Buhari, Nigeria needs your attention!

This is already December, and nothing has been said about the 2016 budget, except that it will account for N7-8 trillion, with no accompanying details on how the money will be raised. Has Buhari forgotten that being the president comes with great responsibilities at home? Does he know the duties of the foreign minister? Buhari possesses no less than 10 jet planes, which he claimedwould have been given to the national carrier at the beginning of 2015. The monthly cost of the presidential flights is put at almost N1billion. The president has spent 43 days out of his 183 days in office on the foreign soil. It looks like he comes to Nigeria on a working visit.

In as much as we acknowledge the economic and political merits of such visits, the essence of Buhari’s election should not be lost by him. Some Nigerians voted him to end terrorism in two weeks as it had been promised, others – for economic revival and job creation; the majority chose him over Jonathan because of his self-acclaimed anti-corruption posture. The former president was so heavily criticized on June 25, 2014 for remaining in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, after Abuja bomb blast that he had to terminate his visit. The current ruling party’s media team accused Jonathan of being insensitive to the mood of the nation. Using the same yardstick, has Buhari shown sensitivity to the present mood of the nation with his global throttle endeavour?

The clouds are piling up over Nigeria

There is fear in our hearts over the allegedly missing 105 soldiers; even the trained soldiers can disappear, not to mention the civilians. Boko Haram is becoming more daring, sacking barracks andkidnapping girls close to the chief of army staff village. The APC in Kogi is in disarray, and pro-Biafra activists areunrelenting in their protest. President Buhari is deliberately ignoring negotiations with a peaceful group, begging a terrorist group for dialogue. He should be reminded that Syria crisis had started peacefully until conflict profiteers began arming the protesters. Pro-Biafra group is gradually turning violent, while the president is cruising in South Africa.

Obasanjo’s precedent

It is on record that the former president Olusegun Obasanjo embarked on the foreign trips during his first tenure, and lost touch with the reality on ground. He used the excuse of seeking for foreign investors to make those trips. Obasanjo nearly paid the price for such myopic endeavour during the 2003 PDP primaries. Atiku Abubakar had the party machinery in his palm, and the loyalty of the governors was at his door step; Obasanjo had to practically beg Abubakar not to run against him.

We cannot really evaluate what those visits would cause the former president in the long run, but we know he has not provided us with any reason for leaving Nigeria in such a precarious state. However, it is worthy to note that in the short run Obasanjo’s frequent trips have brought about no anti-corruption treaties, and there was no policy thrust of a documented anti-corruption agenda defining the direction of his government. All we were made to know is that his body language hated it. “Did we vote for body language?” lamented Iyobosa Uwugiaren of Anioma TV.

President Buhari, please visit Nigeria!

One can vividly recall that President Buhari told Nigerians he had signed an arms deal with the US during his first visit to Obama. He intended to make the countrymen believe his travel to America was reasonable. However, up to this moment the new government has not added a single riffle to the country’s arsenal. No country is ready to sell weapons to us; the Russian and Chinese channels Jonathan used are blocked. There is no bilateral trade relationship established during any of these visits, and there is no return visit from any of the presidents Buhari visited.

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