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News Report – Open Letter From Biafra Youths To Arewa


The Youths of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have written an open letter to the Arewa Youths, recalling all the hardships their people have experienced during the Nigerian Civil War and after it. Emphasizing that they have more in common than both sides think, the Youths of IPOB once again asked for comprehensing and accepting them as a separate state.

We read your hate letters

We the Youths of the Indigenous People of Biafra are bringing to your notice that we read your warning and hate letter, giving Biafrans living in the North a “two weeks ultimatum to exit Arewa land”. The warning letter you wrote was signed by Aliyu Usman of the Arewa Youth Development Forum Foundation (AYDF), Ami­nu Adams of the Arewa Citizens Action For Change (ACAC), Bridget­ Cantiop Yahya of the Northern Emancipation Network(NEN), Comrade­ Yusuf Muhammed of Arewa Students Forum (ASF) and Terkular J. Bishama of Arewa Youths Vanguard (AYV). We also read the pretentious and hypocritical statement at a Press Conference by National President of Arewa Triumphant Youth Foundation (ATYF), asking Biafrans to stop agitating for Biafra, a letter he never sent to Boko Haram members and a press release never conducted against Boko Haram insurgency.

We have more in common than you think

The Youths of the Indigenous People Of Biafra are also aware of Arewa Youths who protested in the month of July 2014 in Kano state (Arewa Land), calling for the Division and Dissolution of Nigeria as a Political entity. Just as you are Arewa Youths and you know that through documented history and your Fathers that your original name is Arewa, so did we get to know that we are The Indigenous People Of Biafra.

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