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Naijaforbz News – Man In Fatal Road Crash


Man Involved In Fatal Road Accident

You can say this is a miracle. The story was shared by the victim’s wife on her Facebook page. Read the inspiring and interesting testimony of her survivor husband who escaped death after a fatal accident.

On June 20th my 2 girls, my oldest child’s friend and my husband were in a really bad car accident…The girls walked away with no injuries…My husband was thrown from the moon roof of the jeep and land onto I75..where he died..the EMS workers brought him back to life..

He was in a Coma for 26 days with no prognosis of hope from the Doctors…So we prayed and put it in the LORD’s hands…and by the GRACE OF GOD he woke up on the 26 day of being in ICU..in 10 more days his body began to wake up out of shock and function…

Today he is in Rehab learning how to sit up and next how to walk…But none of this was possible if it wasn’t for GOD..FB!! GOD is everything and He can do all things..All u have to do is pray and believe..and put it in his hands and He will do it!!! If you believe In GOD’s abilities to do all please share my story to inspire others because GOD IS Great.
What else? Share this story.


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