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Vice President Osibanjo in Katsina as the President Buhari still under go treatment in London.

News came in late to NAIJAFORBZ yesterday that president Osibanjo arrived Katsina safely and had been given a Royal welcome as president Buhari still receives medical attention in London.

Nigerians don’t have options but to adapt and pray to go to provide our president quick recovery. We bring you more news about the acting president Osibanjo’s trip to minna in full details.


The National Assembly missing budget is back #OpenNass


The said national assembly budgets that has been missing in the national assembly according to our elected legislators.

From N115 billion to N125 billion naira budget of a crude oil owner country.

So far so good I see the budget did not include the N4 BILLION NAIRA meant for the movement and empowerment of it so called parastatal ” Public Complaints Commission¬† (PCC) ” What do Nigerians do when such things come up? What do Nigerians have to say I very important

Lil Wayne Have 2 weeks to live

The all time new orleans rapper Lil Wayne has made it clear to us his fan today that he has been tested to be in the stage 4 cancer level I.e there is nothing his doctors could do any more to save him.

Meanwhile his doctor says he has only two weeks left before he died. This is certainly a shocking news to the entertainment industry. Let pray that only God saves Wayne.