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Gkelly Baba – Life Drama

Gkelly – Back to college

Gkelly’s College Story – Back to College
Godwin Bello is the real name and the me name still remains Gkelly.
Firstly I want to thank God almighty for his mercies, favours and unmerited chances to survive till this day. I will also like thank my Parents’ in the persons’ of Pastor and Pastor Mrs. Bello and my entire family especially my precious jewel Bethel” who was there for me even when friends where away she always come around in which she thought me not to ever mistake families with friends because you can just buy a pal with a bite of cracker biscuit’s but Blood is natural.
It was exactly eight years after a nigga finish school as Nigerians will say. i.e (O’Level) and a nigga have to spend another 4 years to hustle on the streets to stash some cash to go to college. 3 years in FUT Minna, A nigga was offered admission to study Electronics and Forensic Computing.
In 200L when a nigga got problems issues that affected a niggas lifeĀ  and dropped out of school and go on the street again in the early 2013 this time around not to hustle only but a nigga acquire some skills from different computer programs in Abuja and was employed to Hypertech Computer Education Institute located in Efab Mall Area 11 Abuja Nigeria.
In 2014 a nigga got a contract from the ceo of Abu Turab Farms in Collaboration to run as an Administrator in Turab Orange Computer Academy located in Minna Niger state of Nigeria. So many stories in a niggas life but in the late 2015 a nigga began to think of going back to college.
With no much talk a nigga has finally gone back to college and was offered Computer science in University of Abuja.
My advice to every nigga on the streets praying for better days is that do not ever rule out the rule of study. Stay focused keep your head up and I want you to know that attaining education is to blow and become a big banker after school am sorry I don’t think it can work like that because ave seen several guys who finished school and still stay jobless.
I have to go back to college simply because Naija street thought me that with all connections without paper you don’t have back up.
Thanks for reading Gkelly’s College story God bless you even though I don’t know you


Fut Minna Students involved in an Auoto Crash in Abuja

Nigerian Roads are still not very in order even in out Capital City we still have series of accidents that touches you as human, so to ask what is wrong with drivers of our day?.

What a question cool, is the driver at fault, is the car in good condition before he travels good questions. But do you ask what is wrong with our roads even in our Capital cities. But who do you blame? You may end up saying the driver or the governments after they say we are the Governments.

News getting to us now that an accident just happened involving FUT Minna Student along the Airport road this evening in Abuja. We learnt that people got seriously injured including some students who identify themselves to be students of the Federal Universities of Technology Minna .

For this students do you say why are they not traveling on school bus or private cars, I don’t know so I ask what do you say? I ask you too.

Posted by Erufai Don Self